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Women of Snohomish County

Women in Snohomish county

Lets meet Katie an employee of Bud's who would like to help learn a few easy things to help maintain your vehicle.

First thing we will learn about is checking your oil.

How to check your oil, first make sure your car is cool and been parked for a bit, then you will need to pop the hood, most cars have a hood release latch in the cab of the vehicle under the dash that says hood over the top or a picture of an open hood on the lever. It is a little lever that you pull. Then you go to your hood by the bumper and push or pull the other release latch to open the hood. Most cars require a bar or stick looking thing to hold the hood open, make sure this is in place. Then look on your engine for a Dipstick that looks like a little hooky looking thing that you can pull out, male sure it is the oil one, then pull out and wipe off, then put back in and pull out again and look at the oil on the dipstick, does it say full or add, if it says add you will need to add oil or bring it to your local Marysville shop to check. Does the oil look black and really tarry? If it does you should take the vehicle to your local Marysville shop for an oil change.

Engine oil is very important to your cars well fare. If you run your engine out of oil it could make you have to replace your engine which could be a costly mistake. Also not doing regular oil changes can cause some problems with your engine to the engine needs good oil in order to properly lube the engine and run.  I hope this will be some helpful tips for anyone with a vehicle!

Click on this link to see the video to go with this blog!