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Preventative Maintenance Service Schedule

  • Oil Change Service 3K-4K (Subaru is 3750)
  • 7.5K Service, 15K Service, 30K Service, 60K, 90K, 120K Service
  • Timing Belt Service 105K

Bud’s is an auto repair and transmission shop in Marysville, WA. We love what we do and love doing business in this community! It is our duty to keep our customers informed. In doing that, we are committing to keeping all vehicles we service; Safe, Reliable and Dependable. By following a strict preventative maintenance service schedule, a vehicle will need just a small fraction of the annual repairs compared to one that does not get preventative maintenance.

  • Check level and replace engine oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Top off all fluids
  • Monitor tire pressure
  • Rotate tires
  • Cabin Air filter replacement
  • Windshield/rear window wiper blade replacement
  • Brake inspection and fluid replacement
  • Inspect axle boots and shafts for replacement need
  • Clutch system inspection and replacement
  • Steering system diagnostic
  • Suspension testing and service
  • Cooling and heating system and fluid service
  • Camshaft drive belt(Timing belt) inspection and replacement
  • Examine fuel lines and maintain
  • Inspect differential and service fluid
  • Transmission assessment and fluid service
  • Exchange spark plugs and wires
  • Replace air filter
  • Service drive belts
  • Examine and service wheel bearings