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Transfer Case Explosion... Dodge Ram 2500

Transfer Case Explosion... Dodge Ram 2500

Dodge 2500 September 2015 Transfer case… How many pieces do you need? This week we had a Dodge Ram 2500 that came in with no gears at all, for diagnostic and repair. The truck had used 4 wheel drive to get unstuck from out on some muddy roads and when the customer disengaged the lever, the 4 wheel drive indicator light stayed on. We believe this customer didn’t understand the full scope and meaning of what the warning light meant. He ignored the light and drove the truck going highway speeds for over 2 weeks, causing the truck to lose all gears. As the tow truck brought the truck in and the tech put it on the lift he could plainly see the transfer case no longer existed. It was in pieces! Branden called in the troops to take pictures and use the truck as an example of “What not to do” and “why indicator lights are important”. We were able to get the below pictures and want to share with our blog readers here in “Marysville, WA” and bey ... read more