Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

March 24, 2020

Bud’s Auto Repair is considered an essential business during the Washington “Shelter in Place” and will be staying open to provide services.

We still put customer and employee health and safety first. We are staying up to date with all the new COVID-19 information and are doing what we can to help everyone stay safe and healthy. We are taking extra precautions and staying proactive during these uncertain times.

We have made temporarily changes to our protocol for dropping off and picking up vehicles. Our new added measures are that we are now not allowing anyone but employees in the building, there is a drop off and pick up window, keys will kept in a bag the entire time that your vehicle is at the shop, vehicles are disinfected upon entry into the shop as well as once the work is completed, we are using steering wheel covers, all vehicle knobs are covered, we prefer to take credit card payment over the phone, all confirmation of work will be over the phone, text, or e-mail, and all paperwork will be put in the vehicle upon completion. We are still wiping down vehicle steering wheels and door handles. The technicians have always worn gloves to keep finger prints, grease, and germs out of customer vehicles, and will continue to do so. We continue to spray down and clean after every customer leaves.

Previously we had further enhanced our cleaning processes to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy. Understandably we have made more drastic enhancements as the pandemic has escalated further. We were going to the extent to make sure pens are being replaced and cleaned every day, all surfaces, door handles, light switches, anything any one can touch is wiped down multiple times a day. Besides all the extra cleaning that we had added, we were spacing customer’s appointments out so that we have only one customer in the front office at a time. We added a new addition to the front office, an AP3000 UV Air Scrubber that kills coronavirus, to keep the air clean of bacteria.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have suspended our shuttle services due to social distancing and the wellbeing for customers and employees.

We want everyone to stay healthy as well as we want to keep our commitment to serving our customers and stay open as long as we can to keep your vehicle happy and on the road.

Take care,

The Bud’s Team