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Subaru Brake Repair

Your Subaru’s brake system should be kept in proper working condition at all times in order to maintain a smooth driving experience and to keep you safe on the road. At Bud’s Auto Repair & Transmission in Marysville our ASE certified technicians are highly experienced and specially trained to work on all makes and models of Subaru. We recommend having your vehicle’s brake system inspected regularly to perform necessary services and small repairs to prevent larger, more expensive repairs down the road.

Signs of a brake system problem:

  • Brake pedal requires more pressure than usual
  • Brake system light turns on
  • Loss of brake power
  • Screeching noise while braking
  • Vehicle pulls to one side while braking
  • Vehicle vibrates or shakes while braking

At the first sign of a problem, bring your Subaru into the experts at our Marysville auto repair shop. A Subaru brake system issue can be caused by a number of different reasons, but more than likely your vehicle’s brake pads or rotors may need replacing. Brake fluid also needs to be changed regularly because old oil can corrode brake system components and cause irreversible damage that can be costly to repair. A fluid flush and new fluid will help to remove excess moisture and keeps your system running smoothly.

Subaru vehicles generally need new brake linings and brake pads replaced every few years, depending on your driving habits and road conditions. If your vehicle’s brake pads need replacing, you will hear a loud metal screeching noise every time you apply the brakes. Our Marysville auto repair shop has the Subaru manufacturer recommended brake pads to keep your vehicle under manufacturer’s warranty and maintain the quality of your brakes. Brake linings tend to wear easily, and can cause your brakes to lack in power and causing damage to your brake rotors and drums.

If your Subaru needs a brake service, bring your vehicle into our experts at Bud’s Auto Repair & Transmission in Marysville for professional auto repair and excellent customer service. Our AAA approved auto repair shop has been providing great service at a fair price for over 30 years. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!


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