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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection | Bud's Auto Repair & Transmission

Bud’s is in the business of customer service. Our local Marysville and surrounding area clients are very important to us. We WANT you to have a good running vehicle so you can be happy in a car or truck that is Safe, Reliable and Dependable! A vehicle is said to be most people’s second most expensive investment. To help you start out in a new vehicle that is going to be the best investment for you, we offer a pre-buyer inspection.

You’ll bring your test drive to us for a small amount of diagnostic time and we will give you our professional opinion on whether it would be the best investment for your family.

What is a pre-buyer inspection?

Bud’s technicians start with our complimentary 29 point inspection which includes; horn operation, wiper/washer operation, heater and A/C operation, windows and mirrors, headlight operation, turn signals, wiper blade condition, parking brake operation, exterior lights, radiator/antifreeze, hoses, drive belts, brake fluid condition/level, battery & cable, air filters, spark plugs and wires, clutch system, engine oil level and condition, transmission fluid level and condition, steering link and fluid, brakes, shocks and struts, tires, exhaust system, drive shaft/joints/boots, differential fluid condition, engine water pump, indicator lights, engine performance and mileage.

Our ASE certified technicians will have the vehicle on the lift to physically check out the undercarriage and main running components. They will check for oil leaks, brake fluid leaks, transmission fluid leaks or seeps and coolant leaks. Spending extra time inspecting the head gaskets ensures that you are well informed.

They will plug the vehicle into our top-of-the line diag equipment to read the car/truck’s brain for issues and to diagnose indicator lights that may be on. They will take it on a test drive and listen, feel and smell for any issues that may mean that your potential new ride is not in the best health possible.

We will also run a limited CarFax report on the vehicle from the license plate to get a better understanding of the maintenance history. This gives us the advantage of knowing the most we can about the vehicle.

Once the tech has checked out the vehicle we will share the report with you so you can decide on the purchase.