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Differential Service

A differential is the component that transfers power from the driveline to the wheels. Some vehicles have two differentials, depending on the drive train. A differential service is preformed to prevent the premature wear on bearings and gears. Over time the fluid breaks down from heat and contaminants and needs to be changed.

Vehicle differential services are performed here in the shop by our techs. Depending on the vehicles mechanics it would be a half hour or hour service (with no complications, of course).

Some vehicles have a simple fill and drain plug system; others have a plate/cover that must be removed to drain the fluid, consisting of more tech time.

For a cover-off diff service our tech will remover the cover, remove contaminants, check for bearing play, check wear patterns on ring and pinion, check back lash. Our techs also take the time to write the current mileage on the cover so that we will know if we have done the service in the event that we have to service it again.

When applicable we will check side and spider gears also.

Bud’s only uses OEM specified parts and fluids to keep your vehicle in like-new condition.

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