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Winter Brake Inspections To Save the Drama

Winter Brakes:

As families head out to either; dodge family for the holidays or to gather with them, Bud’s wants your family to be safe in your vehicle. Most of the time we wait to feel a jerking or noise before having our brakes checked right? Well think about this, sitting in traffic with the heat blasting and the car stopping and going, stopping and going for hours in the joyful holiday traffic with the kids in the back fighting and the radio going in and out due to the weather and all of a sudden you press the brakes and your vehicle continues to roll into the car in front of you. You know no one was hurt, but you still have to get across three lanes to pull over safely and stand in the cold to exchange insurance information. Sounds fun right? A simple trip inspection at Bud’s Auto Repair and Transmission could have prevented that saving you time, frostbite, stress and frustrations. Actually because of our complimentary 29 point inspection with every service, even an oil change or coolant flush, would have got your brakes inspected and prevented that wonderful holiday drama.

“Dodge Rob” says that with if you bring your vehicle here to Bud’s in Marysville, he will inspect the calipers for sticking or binding slides or torn boots. If he finds an unevenly worn pad he knows there is a problem. He will inspect the hoses for crack and leaks. He will also look at the ABS sensors and tone wheels, inspecting and cleaning them. Replacing your brake fluid every 2 years or 24,000 miles will help keep your vehicle moving and stopping safely he says. Rob says that depending on the vehicle, some truck brake pads start out 12mm thick and he recommends replacing any vehicle pads between 2-3mm. 

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels,

Your Team at Bud's