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Why does my brake pedal feel spongy?

Brakes are an essential part of your vehicle's control system. Therefore, an effective brake pedal should feel firm. However, your car should be checked immediately by your trusted mechanic to diagnose the issue if it feels spongy. Spongy brakes are not only frustrating but also dangerous. Here is what could make your brake system feel spongy.

1. Air in The Brake System

Low brake fluid and the overheating caliper can lead to evaporation of the brake fluid and consequent air build-up in the brake system. Besides, when the bleeder valve is loose, your brake fluids can absorb moisture. The air bubble in the brake system can prevent the brake fluid from flowing correctly and compromise your brake system's hydraulic pressure. It would be best if you always flushed the brake fluid to remove air from the brake system.

2. Contaminated Brake Fluid

Most drivers do not know what can contaminate the brake fluid. Debris and rust in the system, for one, is the primary contaminant. Rust and debris can cause the seals to change shape, swell up, and leak. Old brake fluid can also absorb moisture into the system and change the compression characteristics of the fluid.

3. Damaged brake lines

Rust from road salt, moisture, wear, and tear can damage the brake lines, causing leaks in the brake lines. The leaking may compromise the hydraulic pressures that cause the brake pedals to feel spongy and sink into the floor.

4. Master Cylinder Wear

The Master cylinder is a critical component in your vehicle's braking system. It is crucial in generating the hydraulic pressure needed to stop your car. Thus, any breakage, leakages, or damage to the master cylinder can significantly affect your brake fluid pressure, resulting in a spongy brake pedal.

5. Damaged Brake Calipers

Rust can corrode your brake calipers, leading to a spongy brake pedal. If you hear a squeaky sound when braking, you need to get your brake caliper checked immediately.
If you notice your brake pedal being soft and spongy and need a brake repair. Do not hesitate to visit a professional auto shop. Visit us or drive to Bud's Auto Repair & Transmission today!