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Subaru Sales Mean More Maintenance

Subaru of America reported that over all Subaru sales increased by 24% from January 2014 to January 2015 with it being the 38th consecutive month of month-over-month growth. This is awesome news for teams like ours who consider ourselves Subaru specialists! With the report of seven million Subaru’s sold in the US we are excited to be able to offer maintenance and repairs to one of the fastest growing vehicle makes.

Americans buy Subaru’s for the rugged abilities and for the fact that if you keep up on your maintenance, a Subaru will keep you on the road safely for a very long time! Most vehicles have their quirks and usually end up with specific maintenance needs. While we have talked about how some of the older Subaru’s have issues with head gaskets, the newer models haven’t shown the same predictability. While talking to Branden, one of our Subaru specialists, he gave us a few things to share with you.

1. Remember to have your cabin air filter changed every 15,000 miles. This will keep the air you’re breathing cleaner and smelling fresh and it will also keep the excess stress off of your blower motor. When your cabin air filter gets clogged with debris and dirt, it makes the blower motor, which is a pretty spendy repair, work a lot harder than it needs to.

2. Get regular 3,000 oil changes. Even when you’re using synthetic oil and especially when you have a turbo. Engine oil is the blood running through your vehicle’s veins! It needs to be maintained and kept clean and pure.

3. Since Subaru’s are family vehicles, make sure that you plan ahead as far as safety goes. Don’t forget to check your tire pressure, spare tire pressure and make sure you have a jack (and know how to use it) if you are going anywhere there may not be cell service or help close by.

While the sales of Subaru’s continue to grow in the US we will continue to learn and grow as a professional ASE certified repair shop. We strive to be the best in Marysville, WA and Snohomish County. To do that, we continue to send out technicians to trainings and make sure to have the highest quality resources for them. That way, they are able to repair your car in less time, know what issues may be present with less diagnostic time and be able to give you recommendations to keep you on the road in a safe, reliable and dependable vehicle!