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New noise turned into something bad!

Last week, a jeep came in on a tow truck, which was a sad day for the customer. The customer’s complaint was, that it was would no longer shift or move in any of the gears, but would roll.  The vehicle was from out of state, and the customer had come here to visit family and take a vacation. They had only been here about a week, when they noticed that it was not shifting very well. After they arrived, the tech performed an inspection. He found that the transfer case had no fluid left and hadn’t any for a while, and the vehicle had been driven with the 4-wheel drive engaged. The lack of fluid allowed the chain to rub a hole in the transfer case. This had obviously been going on for a long time. No one noticed it while driving, but this could have been prevented with a regular inspection of the vehicle. Make sure you listen to your vehicle and make sure if you notice any funny noises that it might be making to get your vehicle inspected. Here at Bud’s, we want to make sure your vehicle is Safe, Reliable and Dependable, so bring it in today for a thorough 29-point inspection by our certified techs.

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