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Engine Oil Leaks: How They Happen and How to Avoid Them

If you’ve ever seen a dark puddle pooling underneath your parked car, don’t take it lightly or move on from it. There’s a good chance that it is your engine oil leaking from your car. Oil leaks are quite easy to spot, and they can cause major engine damage if left unnoticed. When you have an oil leak, there is no better place to bring your car than Bud’s Auto Repair and Transmission.

How Oil Leaks Happen

Oil leaks can happen for a number of reasons. They include –

  • Damaged Oil Pan - The oil pan can be found underneath most cars. You should take care of your undercarriage because driving on rough terrain can wear and tear your oil pan. If something strikes the pan hard enough, it can cause oil to seep out.
  • Worn Drain Plug - The drain plug is a part of the oil pan, and it is used to get rid of all the old oil before adding new motor oil to your car. The plug can get worn over time and even break, causing oil to leak out.
  • Broken Filler Cap - The oil filler cap is under the hood, and it is the place where you add oil to the engine. It is possible for oil to come through the top of this when it is not sealed completely. It can cause a huge mess, which is why you should be careful when adding oil to your car.
  • Gasket Damage - Worn gaskets is one of the most common reasons for oil leaks. Older vehicles are more at risk of this problem as it takes a good amount of dust and dirt to build up around the rubber lining of the gasket.
  • Clogged Oil Filter - The oil filter is essential to keeping your engine oil lean by filtering out debris. That is why you must replace your oil filter with every oil change service to prevent leaks from happening.

How to Prevent Oil Leaks

To ensure your vehicle doesn’t experience leak issues, maintenance is key. We recommend keeping your engine clean and lubricated by following your manufacturer’s oil change service. As a result, your engine will experience less wear and tear.

Oil Change Service and Repairs in Marysville, WA

We perform a complimentary inspection with every oil change. If your vehicle is leaking oil, please bring your can to the auto experts at Bud’s Auto Repair & Transmission.