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Dodge Magnum

A good reason to always run antifreeze and have the freeze point levels tested in your cooling system.

A customer had purchased a used 2006 Dodge Magnum and after a week it started to have an overheating problem. During the first week of owning the new car it was not drove much, then when it started driving more it started to overheat.  The customer replaced the thermostat and noticed that it did not look like the system had antifreeze in it. Even after the thermostat it continued to overheat so the customer brought it to our shop for diagnoses. Our technician found there was a hole in the radiator way up under the metal section of the hood and that the water system was very rusty from the previous owner not putting antifreeze in it. It appeared that the vehicle may have had overheating issues before as several issues were going on.  The relay that runs the cooling system fans, very specific problem for the magnum, for the radiator was blown and so the cooling fans were not operating correctly.  The water pump was found to be leaking, also a side effect of no antifreeze.  The whole cooling system needed to be thoroughly flushed to clean the system. This problem could have been prevented if the previous owner had used antifreeze. Scheduale your appointment today to keep this from happening to you.