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Common Problems in Toyota Corollas and How to Keep Your Ride Trouble-Free

Common Problems in Toyota Corollas | Bud's Auto Repair And Transmission

Toyota Corolla owners, whether you're a loyal enthusiast or a first-time driver, you've chosen a reliable and iconic car. Its reliability is second to none, making it a popular choice amongst people who are looking for a dependable sedan - whether for their family or just as a daily commuter. 

But how reliable can it really be? After all, isn't it a car just like any other? While it is one of the best options on the market, it also experiences problems and malfunctions from time to time. 

   The Usually Transmission Issues

One of the recurring issues in Corollas is transmission problems, particularly in models produced between 2014 and 2017. To avoid this, stick to regular transmission fluid changes, usually recommended every 30,000 miles. This simple maintenance step can extend your transmission's lifespan significantly, especially if it is one of the hybrid models.

   Rust and Corrosion

Corollas are known for their longevity, but they can be vulnerable to rust, especially in regions with harsh winters. After all, every car is made out of metal, making it prone to rust sooner or later - vehicles rarely avoid rust during their lifespan. Guard against corrosion by applying an annual undercarriage rust treatment and promptly addressing any paint or body damage that exposes metal surfaces.

   CV Joints and Boots

A common source of trouble is damage to the CV joints and boots. This usually happens because of normal driving or, of course, neglected maintenance. To prevent this, inspect your CV boots for cracks or tears regularly, especially after driving on rough terrain. Timely replacement of damaged parts can prevent more expensive repairs down the road.

   Check Engine Light

The dreaded check engine light can indicate various issues. Regularly servicing your Corolla and promptly addressing any warning lights can prevent minor problems from escalating into major repairs. Don't ignore it; get it checked by a professional.

   Brake Issue Due To Neglect

Corollas are known for their efficient braking systems, but neglecting brake maintenance can lead to issues like squeaking or reduced stopping power. Stick to the manufacturer's recommended brake service intervals, and have them inspected if you notice any unusual sounds or reduced braking performance.

Your Toyota Corolla can be a reliable companion for years to come if you take steps to prevent common problems like the ones listed above. Regular maintenance, attentive care, and addressing issues promptly can keep your Corolla trouble-free.

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