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Car of the week, Week 9! 2002 Dodge Durango

Car of the week blog:

Week 9:


Bud’s is here to report in for week 8 of Car of the Week, 2002 Dodge Durango!

We are mixing it up this week with a video of our “Car of the Week”. This Durango came in for diagnosis because it was making a noise that the customer knew was not normal. Upon inspection Branden found that the bearings in the front differential were horribly worn, putting metal contaminants into the diff fluid. When fluids aren’t checked and changed on a regular schedule, they aren’t able to lubricate their machine properly. When the lubrication isn’t working properly small pieces of the parts begin to break off and move in the fluid. As the fluid becomes contaminated with particles, it becomes corrosive rather than a lubricant. Within a small amount of time the fluid goes from being the piece that keeps the differential alive, to the piece that destroys it from the inside out.

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Bud’s recommends that you schedule your fluid changes and regular maintenance before leaving the shop at check out. That way you will get friendly reminders from us as to when your service is due and don’t go past your vehicles’ factory recommended service schedule.

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