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Car of the week #7

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Week 7:


Bud’s is here to report in for week 7 of Car of the Week, 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid!

This weeks “car of the Week” is a Toyota Hybrid. Our technicians have been learning quite a bit lately as they work on vehicles that they don’t have years and years of experience with. Both of our techs have many years of Subaru experience so they rarely get tripped up on them, but some of the newer vehicles and types can give them a run for their money. This Camry Hybrid was pretty cut and dry though. The customer did their own oil change. A lot of people who change their own oil rarely have an issue but this time proved to be one of those rare times! After the car started running rough and making noise, the customer stopped to check their oil and realized that the oil plug had fallen out! They replaced the plug and filled the oil immediately, just to drive a very short distance and have the car stop completely. The indicator light came on stating, “check Hybrid system”. This is close to the same as the check engine light on non-hybrid vehicles. The customer knew that this was not something they could tackle on their own so they had it towed to Bud’s, here in Marysville.

Upon inspection the tech recommended a new engine…. :(

While this customer is lucky to be able to afford a new engine, a lot of people aren’t in the position to do so. Either way, we are putting in a new (refurbished) engine so this customer is able to get back on the road in a safe, reliable and dependable vehicle. Since we have the car in the shop already the customer has asked us to also replace the timing belt. They know that with its current mileage, the timing belt is close to its recommended service time and are letting the professionals handle it.

In this case, the customer may have saved a small amount by doing their own oil change, but it cost them in the long run by having to purchase a new hybrid motor.

Bud’s recommends that you schedule your oil changes and regular maintenance before leaving the shop at check out. That way you will get friendly reminders from us as to when your service is due and don’t go past your vehicles’ factory recommended service schedule.

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