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Bud's Car of the week, week 4, Chevy Silverado

Week 4:


Bud’s is here to report in for week 3 of Car of the Week, a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT!

This Chevy came in because it would not go into drive. The owner uses it to tow the family toy trailer and with the nice weather coming up having their truck in working order is completely necessary. Along with the transmission not working properly the customer also told us about a rattle under the truck when going over a bump. It’s had a little bit of recent work but not enough to keep from blowing the tranny with all the traveling and heavy hauling! So, Bud’s is on it! We had the transmission rebuilt (see pictures for new transmission). We are also doing; front brake service, all tire inspection and rotation, power steering and brake fluid flushes (with full fluid exchange). The truck is also getting a new transmission cooler and rear shocks because our tech found that they were leaking while doing our complimentary 29 point inspection. A differential service is called for also because our tech found the gears to be wearing incorrectly and metal fragments and pieces in the fluid. With all of these services and repairs completed, this truck will be back on the road to the dunes or the lake again very soon!

Bud’s recommends that you schedule your oil changes and regular maintenance before leaving the shop at check out. That way you will get friendly reminders from us as to when your service is due and don’t go past your vehicles’ factory recommended service schedule.

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