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Best Practices When It Comes to Fuel and Your Car

Today, most vehicles on the road are easier to manage than ever before. Even though most of your vehicle’s systems still require maintenance, it is not as frequent as it used to be. One of the easiest systems to maintain is the fuel system . Read on to learn more about the important parts of your vehicle’s fuel system and what you should do and not do to keep its components in good shape.

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Fuel

Treating your fuel system with care starts with fueling up with the right fuel. Most manufacturers list their fuel specifications for their vehicle models near the fill-up area. However, you can always refer to your owner’s manual. You should know the difference between the gas pump and diesel pump. Otherwise, a mix-up can cause catastrophic damage. Another thing worth noting is putting in the right octane level of gasoline. You should not cheap out and use a lower octane as it can cause engine knocking. 

Don’t Let Your Fuel Level Get Too Low

Letting your tank run on empty is dangerous and can hurt your fuel components over time. When you run your car on empty, the fuel pump can overwork itself and overheat. Plus, it is risky to push your vehicle to certain limits as you could be left stranded. That is why we recommend filling up as soon as your tank reaches ¼ full.

Replace Your Fuel FIlter

Car filters are often forgotten by vehicle owners as they focus on other areas of maintenance. Did you know that your vehicle has a fuel filter that is designed to sift out the impurities and contaminants from the fuel before allowing it to go into the engine? This neat device can get dirty over the years, so make sure you remember to change it.

Clean Your Fuel System

Last but not least, nothing is as full-proof as a professional fuel system cleaning service. When you bring your car to Bud’s Auto Repair and Transmission, we promise to take care of your fuel injectors, fuel pump, and more. Our facility has access to special tools and chemicals to remove lingering carbon deposits so that your engine can run smoothly.


If your vehicle is due for a fuel system cleaning, we invite you to bring it to our auto repair shop soon. Feel free to give our shop a call or visit Bud’s Auto Repair and Transmission today.