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ATE 2015 as a Team

So, this past weekend our team had the privilege of attending the 2015 Automotive Training Expo, also known as simply ATE by local automotive professionals. ATE is a weekend event here in the Pacific North West that caters to independent auto shop owners and their teams. There are management and technical classes as well as lots of time for meeting new and interesting people in the industry after class time is over. Technicians are able to pick the brains of other techs and owners are able to recruit trainers to come help improve their shops. Service writers are able to take classes to ensure they have the skills to offer the best customer service around! Bud’s is so lucky to have an owner who believes in constant and continuing growth.

With key note speakers at each event meal, every team member was offered new perspectives and a chance for open discussion with different teams. The keynote speakers were just the icing on the cake as far as Bud’s team was concerned though. Each of us went too separate classes so the team as a whole was able to cast a pretty wide net over the whole expo. Branden was able to take a class on oil. He was stoked to come back and share with the team what he learned about BMW oil. The insider info that he learned really will be put to good use for our business and especially our customer. Steve and Sarah took a LEAN and SOP class that focused on saving time and money in the work place; making things easier for the team and the customer! Other team members took classes on:  transmission diagnostic, work flow, positive reinforcement, sales experience, eliminating everyday road blocks, antilock brake system advanced technology and just plain customer service. Bud’s, as a team, took a class on effective communication and work flow. The trainer is one that we all were interested in and seemed to take a lot out of! That says a lot since we are all from different parts of the shop.

After our Sunday group class…. We were spent! We were ready to head home and get back to the grind. While we will all be happy to get home and back to our personal lives, we know that the team is stronger for the time spent together and the relationships built while learning how to better ourselves.