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5 Car Sounds That May Be of Concern

When you hear suspicious noises coming from your vehicle, you might be tempted to shrug it off. But if it is recurring, you should probably get it checked out. Automobiles should not make any unusual noises with normal operations. Such noises can indicate engine problems, brake problems, or more. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 concerning car sounds and what they mean.

Popping When Turning Vehicle
This sound can indicate troubles with front- and all-wheel drive vehicles. This noise indicates an axle problem, specifically with constant velocity joints (CV joints). Any signs of snapping, clicking, or popping sound during a turn should signal you to have your drive axles checked. 

Chirping or Squealing From Under the Hood
Engine squealing during acceleration can commonly be attributed to a worn or loose belt. You should bring your car to Bud’s Auto Repair and transmission to have your vehicle’s belts checked and potentially replaced immediately. 

Squealing or Squeaking When Braking
Loud, brake noises are a telltale sign that your brake pads or brake shoes are worn. These tend to have wear indicators that purposefully let out a high pitched sound when they’ve worn down to be unsafe. In some cases, noisy brakes can also be caused by bad rotors or poor-fitting brake pads/shoes.

Rumbling or Roaring 
A rumbling sound can often be heard when your muffler is causing issues. A leaky muffler is not only a disturbance, but it can be dangerous by letting excess fumes escape from your vehicle.  Therefore, for the sake of public safety, you should look into fixing the problem immediately.

A hissing sound is usually a sign of escaped exhaust or steam. When your engine runs too hot and overheats, it will let out steam from under the hood. Other hissing noises can be caused by a clogged catalytic converter or other types of fluid leaks happening under the hood. When these fluids drip onto hot engine components, it will cause this noise.

If you catch your vehicle exhibiting any of these odd sounds, it means it requires immediate attention. We invite you to bring your vehicle to Bud’s Automotive & Transmission for an accurate diagnosis and quality auto repairs.