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5 Car Myths You Should Stop Believing

We thought it would be fun to go over and debunk some common car myths. They might surprise you!

Myth #1 - Premium gas is better than regular gas

Unless your vehicle manufacturer requires explicitly premium gas, you don't need to get it as it won't offer you any additional benefits. It will have no impact on your vehicle performance or your engine's lifespan.

Myth #2 - You need to warm up your car in the winter

Thanks to improvements to modern oils and engines, newer cars don't need to be warmed up before you start operating your vehicle. While it's nice to get into a warm car on a brisk morning, it's not necessary and wastes gasoline.

Myth #3 - Larger cars are safer

It's easy to think that a bigger, heavier vehicle would be able to handle a car crash better than a small car. A small car can be considered less safe because of its smaller size and less weight. However, this is not the case in the 21st century, where smaller cars are equipped with the latest safety technologies. 

Myth #4 - Restarting your car wastes more fuel than letting it idle

The modern engine designs allow the opposite; you can save money on gas and reduce your harmful emissions by not idling for long periods. 

Myth #5 - Rolling down your windows uses less gas than using your A/C

You might think that putting your windows down instead of blowing your A/C is the best way to lower your fuel consumption, but it can actually burn even more fuel in some circumstances. Having your windows down will create aerodynamic drag that forces your vehicle to work harder to maintain that speed at higher speeds. A good rule of thumb is to roll down your windows when driving in the city, but it's better off for you to use A/C on the highway or high-speed areas.


We hope you had some excellent takeaways from this! For dependable auto services in Marysville, WA, please feel free to give a call or visit Bud's Auto Repair & Transmission today.