10/4/2016 Lisa Wilson Very caring to your needs and safety,they don't try to sell you things you don't need,Honest service techs and owners, I will definitely be utilizing them again
7/29/2016 dan malsom Fantastic customer service. I took my 2008 tandem axel boat trailer in for a complete inspection on wheel bearings for an upcoming trip to Oregon. They had my trailer tore apart the next day and called me with the diagnoises. Instead of just telling me the news over the phone Travis asked me to swing by the shop in person to go over the evaluation. Unfortunately, my trailer was in really bad shape due to years of saltwater immersions. Together we decided that the best cousrse of action was to order new axels, spindels and hub kits vs buying a new trailer. Once the new axels arrived they were able to swap the axels out with the new parts in one business day and save my trip to Oregon and save me half the cost of a new trailer. Travis kept me posted with phone calls keeping me informed of the status the repair. I am very satisfied with my experience at Bud's.
5/21/2016 Tammy Villanueva Buds is the best place I have been to for auto repair. Travis is friendly, shows concern and not to mention the fast service. I was told by one shop was gonna cost over $3000 to fix my van and at buds they where not out to fix was not broken or take me to the cleaners. Got my van fixed after the weekend. Even loaned me a vehicle while they had mine. I will return to them and only them for any auto repair and would recommend anyone to them.
4/22/2016 Ariana C. This is definitely a 5 star place ! If you have any problems with your car this is the place to go! I brought my car in today they checked it out and they fixed it! Now I got a running car again thank god!! Thanks guy for all your hard work!! 🙂
4/19/2016 lee m di a great job on my 2004 dodge ram 3500 . runs better than new
4/7/2016 Monica S I brought my Ford to Bud's transmission back in February of this year for brake work, oil change, power steering flush and brake fluid flush and they did a wonderful job. The staff were knowledgeable and courteous, they washed my car before returning it to me. They also provided a loaner vehicle so I didn't have to reschedule my appointment and they were able to get these repairs done within 24 hours.
4/2/2016 Kayla P Bud's Auto Repair and Transmission was AMAZING to work with! I bought a used BMW from a dealership on January 16th 2016 and within a week my serpentine belt had started to make noise and when I went to look under the hood I had found that the belt had started to walk off my pulley tensioner. I called the dealership I bought the car from and the service writer had said that they didn't work on BMW's but they were willing to take a look. If it was an easy fix, they would try to fix it and if it was not they were going to have to send it to a specialist. (I didn't purchase the vehicle from a BMW dealer). I had bought the after-market warranty so I decided to find someone who works on BMW's to fix the car. I checked the dealerships in Seattle and Bellevue. Seattle never returned my message, which was irritating. Then Bellevue didnt have a rental car for me to use and said I would have to find one. They also took forever to return my phone call. So I was incredibly stressed out, unsure of how I was going to get to work while the car was getting repaired and I found Buds through a quick google search. I called and they were super friendly on the phone and told me they could get me in that day and that they would have a loaner vehicle I would be able to use. I was SO happy! I brought the car down that day and got the loaner vehicle, which was free! Buds called the after-market warranty people for me after they diagnosed the issue (bad pulley tensioner). They also found that the oil canister gaskets were bad, which was great because I had saw the oil but figured whoever had changed the oil last was sloppy and it just needed to be cleaned off. The warranty people decided to NOT cover the repairs, which really had me angry. They had said that it was a pre-existing condition since I had only owned the car for a very short time. So anyways, I was panicking because I couldnt afford the repairs after just purchasing the car and Travis was very friendly and offered assistance with my bill. It was really nice. He totally understood where I was coming from and even let me rant to him a little bit. Buds was very thorough too. They had done a dye test on my car because there was oil on the backside of the engine where it is hard to see if youre not looking for it, and determined that my valve cover gasket was leaking as well. They called the warranty people for me for this too and when it turns from a seep to a weap the warranty would cover it, which was great news since they didnt want to cover the other items. I decided to call the dealership where I had bought the car and ask for help since I had bought the warranty. After a few back and forth phone calls with them, I got irritated again and gave the number to Buds and Travis called for me to talk to the manager and got it taken care of. The dealership had given him a credit card number and before I could call the check the car was already done and ready. They detailed and washed the car for me too! I couldnt believe that the dealership had actually paid for my repairs. Normally, that doesnt happen. I was so grateful to have Buds helping me get this whole mess sorted out. They were incredibly empathetic to my situation and are just wonderful to work with. Plus the prices for an oil change on my car and very reasonable compared to other shops. I will definitely be bringing my car to Buds from now on.
10/2/2015 Al Muzzy Just picked up my 2008 Tundra from Bud's. The service was exceptional from first greeting to out-the-door fixed. They did a great job of identifying what needed to be done and working with me to prioritize the work to ensure that the vehicle would be safe to operate. Is it fun to spend money on car repairs? No, but I know that I can drive my vehicle for many more miles without worry and that peace of mind is worth a lot. I'll definitely return to Bud's for routine maintenance on the truck or if it needs more extensive repair. I plan on getting 200K+ miles out of the truck (half way there!) and know Travis and crew will work with me to make sure it happens. Plus the truck was cleaned beautifully inside and out when I picked it up! Great 5-star job!
6/24/2015 Gary Kaufman I have been a customer of Bud's for well over 10 years. Steve and his crew are honest and upfront. They really can be trusted to give you a straight answer. Example: I was having a transmission shifting issue and took it to a well known area shop and they quoted $3200 for a total rebuild. Went to Bud's and they investigated did a trans service and said drive it. That was over 90,000 miles ago and it still is going strong. Example 2: Referred a friend who was having overheating issues on a mustang. She took it to the dealer twice and spent $900 plus dollars and did not fix the problem. They also said it might be the computer and that would cost $1000 more and then they might be able to find the problem. Bud's found the problem no PC replacement and for less money and also repaired the broken seat in her car. She was thrilled and is so happy to find honest people that will do great work for an honest price.
5/3/2015 Anthony B Went in to have a temporary repair inspected and fixed correctly before it left me stranded. Unfortunately the part I needed wasn't readily available. They took the time to explain the options they had for a permanent repair but had the quote ready in recognition of my personal preference for factory parts. Honest and straight forward.
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