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4 Common Transmission Issues

Transmissions are one of the more complicated parts of your car, making them an important thing to maintain. Below you will find a couple of common issues you can expect, and if you spot them, make sure to visit a repair shop so it is fixed. Doing so will save on expensive repairs, which can be a result of ignoring the present problem or completely forgetting it.

1. Slipping Gears

Slipping gears is a commonly used phrase that describes the following: when going into gear, there is no problem at first; but after a few seconds, you start to feel the transmission going into neutral again. This is called slipping and is quite frustrating at first but evolves into problems in other areas the longer it is ignored.

2. Clutch Pedal Feels Strange

Another obvious sign of transmission issues is a spongy/soft clutch pedal. While the problem might not be directly in the transmission itself, it affects it because of the lines that go between them. If your clutch pedal fails completely, you are left with a stuck gearbox that is almost impossible to switch to neutral. Ignoring this issue won't result in much at first, but down the line, it can even lead to accidents, so make sure to visit a repair shop if you spot anything similar.

3. Starts Smelling Like Oil

When your transmission is leaking oil or is starting to overheat, an oily smell can be felt coming into the interior. The smell itself should be a warning because it may result in a fire, but it's uncommon. Regular maintenance and check-up procedures are recommended in order to prevent this from happening.

4. Overheating

Just like your engine, the transmission can also overheat. This leads to several things, one of them being a lit-up check engine light on the dashboard. Because of the direct connection it has with the engine, it's considered a vital component - resulting in a check engine light. To avoid this from happening, make sure you check your transmission fluid, especially if there are any leaks present.

If you start noticing any of the signs listed above, make sure to stop at our shop! Bud's Auto Repair and Transmission specializes in transmission repairs and maintenance procedures. We are one of the best shops in the state, so you know your vehicle will be in good hands.